Spatial Puzzles

Spatial and typological inventiveness is one of the most important characteristics of Correa’s built as well as unbuilt works. The playful reformulations presented here invite viewers to explore the width of ideas hidden in several of Correa’s projects.

Nine such ideas are articulated here in the form of puzzles: Inside-outside Continuum, Upstairs-downstairs vertical Continuum, Building-Painting Continuum, Incremental and geometric progression, Empty Centre, Making of new ground, Multiplying / humanising possibilities of infrastructure, Making a grid into a labyrinth  and Multiplication / replication of same elements to create new experience. The Spatial Puzzles are developed as provocations and are based on many of Charles Correa’s buildings – Tube House, Artist Village, Hindustan Pavilion, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Gandhi Ashram, Bharat Bhavan, Kanchenjunga, Kala Academy and City Centre Mall.

Puzzle 1: Making a Grid into a Labyrinth

Puzzle 2: Space-Painting Continuum

Puzzle 3: New Ground

Puzzle 4: Inside-Outside Continuum

Puzzle 5: Empty Centre

Puzzle 6: Upstairs-Downstairs Continuum

Puzzle 7: Geometric Progression for Incrementality

Puzzle 8: Repetition & Multiplication of same elements for new experiences

Puzzle 9: Humanizing / Multiplying possibilities of infrastructure


These works are an invitation to explore space using Charles Correa’s strategies.


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