Who is a Curator?

AD: how would one sign off in hindi:
Rupali Gupte & Prasad Shetty

AD: Abhikshan?

AD: Abhikshak?

AD: Abhikshak va Rachnakaar


SS: Hold on

SS: Checking

SS: I made abhikshan. Ignore that.

AD: ok

SS: Not this (Abhikshan)

SS: Just this (Abhikshak?)

SS: Not rachnakar

AD: ok

AD: thanks

SS: अभीक्षक

SS: Badi ee

AD: ah ok

AD: i did that

SS: Yes just confirming 🙂

SS: Choti ee meaning changes

SS: To inspector

SS: Ahem

SS: Means caretaker. Curare is to care and also means poison. So we’re only doing half meaning still.

SS: But it’s good that it’s with this exb, because it’s not about organising objects into classifications

AD: 😛 😛

SS: So eg sustainable is a concept here in the exb, which we’re calling satat-parwah. Caring in a sustained way

SS: Trying to take settled professional meaning out of curating into more realms of care and thinking

SS: Yeah still have to make a verb form if it

SS: *of

AD: i mean it just makes you (re)think

SS: Indeed. Is. Sending some translations now 🙂

AD: abheekshan no (verb of abheekshak)?

SS: No it means something else

AD: achha

AD: abheekshana

SS: Observation

SS: Waiting

AD: lol. i am just blooping. sorry.

SS: It’s a really odd and interesting eord

SS: No I did all of the above too

AD: wouldnt sutradhaar be relevant?

AD: in a more conceptual sense

SS: It goes a little theatre puppet dastkar direction, that’s all

AD: hmm

SS: The time aspect is what one is hoping to veer towards

AD: hmm

SS: So since this word is close to waiting, observation and so on, it’s interesting. Not exact or precise. But a wager.


a WhatsApp conversation between Shveta Sarda (SS — our translator in Hindi) and Anuj Daga (AD), on 14th Jan, 2018



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